Revelations (not the religious kind)

I love a revelation. I don’t mean a Daily Mail headline or a reality show splurg. More finding out a surprising or previously unknown fact about someone you know.

There’s a guy who I worked with recently on my UK work trip whose day job is delivering training. In chatting to him, I discovered that his hobby away from work is writing. Sci-fi. Not only does he write, but he’s recently been published. I’d never have guessed that this guy was a writer. Impressive!

I subsequently found myself thinking about this and how everyone has a unique backstory. It was a jolt for me, a reminder to keep an open mind and find out more about poeple that I come into contact with. There are some amazing understated talented people out there.

I’m writing this on the train to London, before the flight to New York and onwards back to Bermuda.  I haven’t seen dave for three weeks which is a long time when we spend all our time together on the boat. There are pros and cons to this which I will let you deduce!

Bermuda has its attractions but the UK countryside looks stunning at the moment. The trees are full and lush, often majestic. The green of the vegetation intense.

Last week I worked in Southern Ireland and this week an area called The Roaches in Staffordshire. In between I camped on the south coast for a couple of nights with friends, walked around the Malvern Hills with Sis and her family and had a brief sojourn in Welsh Wales. Everywhere made me smile looking out across water or hills or rocks.

There is an argument to say, why bother sailing off to distant places when your home is a green and pleasant land. Its a robust and substantive point of view. However the drive to explore more and see fresh places still burns bright.

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