North to Nova Scotia

Today, weather permitting we plan to head north towards Halifax in Nova Scotia Canada. Maybe 6 days ish at sea.  We will depart before the England football starts. Sacrifices. Dave keeps checking, ‘do you really want to go north?’ as we swim in warm sea water and prat about on our paddle boards. Well its time for a change.

There’s a raft of safety things to,tick off…..rig check, bilge pumps, grab bag, electronic charts working etc etc

I’ve made a big pot of stew and some bread in preparation. Both worthy contributions I believe.

Red dot should start moving when we head off. Some friends have the same red dot system as ours and theirs stopped working about a day out from Bermuda. Is that triangle thing working it’s mysterious magic? More likely a dodgy bit of electronics.

Looking forward to being back moving and catching some atlantic fish.

preperati0n for going to sea

9 thoughts on “North to Nova Scotia

  1. Biddy says:

    Helen I’ve dropped Heidi a line in Halifax just to check she’s happy for me to pass on her address and contact details to you. It would be so lovely if you could meet up xxx


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