On the 25th June 2018 we will have been aboard full-time for 2 years or 24 months or 730 days. That’s how long we’ve been living in a space, 43 foot by 12 foot, at its widest part, our floating home. Not massive. It only works as it moves around. And we spend lots of time outside. Seeking out interesting, attractive places where possible.

We have many of the systems and niceties you have in your home; hot and cold running water, loo (x2 in fact) shower, gas cooker, fridge, freezer, stereo, car….(well dinghy), spare bedroom, heating, bbq, email, matching crockery and and a few random kitchen utensils that have bought thinking, oh they’ll be useful but of course aren’t after you’ve used them twice.

Our two year anniversary. It could be deemed an occasion for wise poignant words. Nah. I don’t have any to share, so I will prattle on in my usual way. But with a warm feeling inside as this feels like a positive anniversary to celebrate.

Two years away. With occasional trips back to the UK, 5 for me, 1 for Dave. Some real highs, some downers, some incredibly happy times plus a few sad ones. No different to living in a cottage or a house or a caravan. We’re still here, (Bermuda being here st the moment), enjoying the lifestyle, with aspirations to go further.

On our sketchy timetable when we left the UK, we are at least a year behind where we thought we’d be, maybe even two as we had this mad idea we’d be through Panama in spring 2017. That was a ridiculous thought. Too soon, too many places to stop and enjoy, too many unknowns about the boat and her general health and too much time at sea rather than enjoying the land when you reach it.

When I started writing this tome, can a blog be a tome? I had no idea how long I’d be motivated to keep it up. Thankfully it doesn’t feel like a monster that hangs over me, that needs feeding constantly or that’s impossible to let go of. It’s a fine record of where we’ve been, a little of what we’ve done and what I was thinking about at the time. Apart from you supadoopa regulars who tune in, thanks folks, I have no idea exactly who looks at it. Who does digest these words? I’ll likely never know.


i have to selfishly make reference to this so when I look back in 10 years time, I can remember such an occasion. England scored 6 goals in a World Cup match. Boom.

Me watching football






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