3 days and counting


Parcel Force. You will know them if you’re based in the UK although they do claim to be worldwide operators. (Jesus, more overseas embarrassment to add to the brexit debacle) I’ve just looked up their customer promise. How sweet it is.

…..sets the standard for exceptional quality of service. You can trust us to deliver your parcels and your promises at home and abroad, taking the same care that you would yourself. We’re equipped with the latest technology and you’ll discover that good quality can also be good value.

Well, there’s a fine load of meaningless twaddle written by some corporate marketing bigwig, over promising and massively under delivering, actually not delivering anything in our case. Dave has just driven to pick up a parcel at a depot 30 minutes away that was collected last Friday, should have been with us on Tuesday according to our contract with them and it’s now 7pm on Friday night. Dave has been polite and measured when chatting to the help line. It’s now time for for the metaphorical double barrelled treatment.

I’ve dipped in and out a little bit in the past, admittedly at a distance with the corporate world. Some organisations just seem to get it right and be creditable and believable in what they stand for and how go about their business with staff, customers and suppliers. Parcel Force you are up there in the ‘bloody awful’ category. Shoddy systems, over promising and blatantly lying are just a few of our gripes. I’d like to state categorically that this is not the kind of care that matches mine. See above.

Why am I grumpy and ranty on a Friday night? Well it’s three sleeps till we fly back to Jamaica. Said parcel is a new ‘second hand’ hot water tank for Grace. If we don’t have it in our possession today, we will have no hot water. Yeh. You get why the package is important. Sure, we could manage but I DON’T WANT TO.

So Parcel Force its unlikely we’ll be using your services in the near future. Buck up or your business is done for.

Boating life seems far away. Once we get back, it’ll be a few days to get the boat shipshape then at the first opportunity, we’ll be off north towards the Chesapeake. I always get this feeling of apprehension after being away from the boat for a while. Will I know what I’m doing? Guess we’ll find out soon.


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