Relaxing Sunday

Our day stared at 4.33am. My UK phone rang. Shit. It’s an emergency at home. I leapt (well shuffled quickly) out of bed but inevitably the phone had rung off by the time I got to it. It was a buddy of ours from the uk. Ah, I thought. It’s a trouser pocket phone call. Unknown, unintended, uninitiated. I sent a message saying I think you called me by accident. No, I tried to call, came back the message, but I’m sorted now. Good I retorted in good humour. It’s 4.33am in the morning here so I’m going back to sleep. Oops, 😀 was his response. He’s a sweetheart.

After that we had a slow boatyard day. But we do have a working fridge now so no more luke warm drinks and we pumped the paddle boards up for a choppy excursion across the bay here in Fishing Bay, Deltaville, Virginia.

Dave is being sociable this evening with the other boatyard dwellers here. I’ve bailed out. There’s some lovely folk. However often the chat turns to boats and boating life which after a short while, bores the pants off me. I know I’m part of this crowd but it’s not my whole life. I am interested in other things. I’m more comfortable in smaller groups where you can actually get to know people and the conversation moves around a lot more. Sounds a bit ironic I know. We’ve been boat based for over 3 years now. But just cos I live in a boat, doesn’t mean I want to chat about it all the time.

We imagine being out the water for about another two weeks. Then it’s up to Annapolis as there’s a big boat-show there. And we hope to meet up with some folk that we haven’t seen for a while. In the meantime, we will be watching the website for any big time hurricane activity.

And as a footnote. Please don’t call me at 4.33am. It’s too stressful.

3 thoughts on “Relaxing Sunday

  1. httpadventuresfrombeyond says:

    Hello, hello!  Glad to see you’re back on track.  Keep those posts coming.  Rob and I daily falling in love with grandbaby  #2 who is now 6 weeks old.  It appears that Declan was ‘made in the US’ while Cody and Haley were crewing with us for that long ago and far away trip. (We won’t hold it against him though).I’m currently  getting a little  more organized with the political side of things as we have a national election late October.  Hugs to you both from a newly deputized Ambassador (read volunteer) for the National Green Party.BettyannSent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


  2. Jane & Ritchie says:

    Finally !! back onboard. There is great crab dip and seafood at J & W Seafood across the street and north of West Marine in Deltaville.. We know that place too well. Looking forward to you being underway again.. So sad about our beloved Abacos..:(


    • grace of longstone says:

      Yes the whole Abaco situation is sobering and saddening. A guy we met on man-of-war Cay says re-building work is happening but inevitably will take shed loads of time.

      We’re off to the boat show in Annapolis on Thursday then splash Friday … hurrah.

      Guess you guys are waxing skis and looking up longingly at those mountains. Here’s hoping for a great season for you and your recovered body parts. 😀


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