Hi De Hi

The Adult Holiday Camp. I can report it’s alive and well here in George Town, Exumas.

The day starts at 8am with the ‘Hi-Di-Hi’ call to arms shepherding in the daily activities on the VHF. Days can be filled with such offerings as yoga, boaty talks, dominos, aqua aerobics and the Men’s Huddle or the Women’s Bible study group, which I think are essentially the same thing but divided by chromosomes. Why men and women can’t do God together who knows?

We managed quite easily to fill our days without venturing towards the organised activities. There are trails to walk. And sea to swim in. We also spent a couple of days in the company of Pete Goss and his fab wife Tracey. He’s a proper proper sailer and adventurer (google him) and a genuinely lovely bloke. He has tales to tell in a wholly appropriate understated way. Suited me and Dave just fine

And we now have more horses. 😀 Not the four legged variety but the tiny ones that live inside an outboard engine. I’ve been coveting these for a while, years in fact.

We bumped into some folk on a beach who had a brand spanking new 25 horse power outboard. I commented on it and found out they’d sold their old 15 horses to another couple who now had 9.8 horses to sell. Just right for us. That’s 5.8 more horses than we had previously. The dinghy now gets up on the plane with both of us in it and whizzes across the water. This makes me very happy. We can head out to snorkelling spots which are further away plus have more choices to where we choose to anchor.

We were planning on leaving Long Island and heading down towards Jamaica and Panama early this coming week. The winds look good. But we have a fridge gremlin. The fridge seemed to be working harder than normal but we thought it was okay. Us foolish peeps. It’s now working like a proverbial Trojan but with not much associated coldness. So all our frozen food is distributed in other people freezers. Ricky is coming to look at it on Monday morning. Kermit wasn’t available. That’s his name, honest.

Plus we discovered we have some water in one of our diesel tanks. We imagine we must have picked up some dirty fuel somewhere along the trip. We haven’t used this tank for a while. We swapped on to it as the other tank was getting pretty low. The engine ran fine for five minutes then cut out. I was taking the anchor up at the time. Back down it went and the investigations began. Thankfully we were in a large sandy bay and not motoring through a narrow coral channel when it happened. Oh well. Small mercies.

Wow, it’s the first of February today. I’m hoping Ricky can work some fridge magic so we can get on our way.








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