One of my enduring worries when I flirted more vigorously with the world of work, was over promising then under delivering. Not providing or doing what you say frays the end of my sensibilities.

Our attempted fridge / freezer repairs on Long Island flirted with this category. People committed. Then retracted. The only sensible option appeared to be an about turn, quick march and present arms back to Hi De Hi world, aka George Town.

Frustrating though this was, we pulled onto the dock at 7.30am awaiting an appointment with fridge man at 8.00am only for him to arrive at 7.45am. The signs were good. As Dave had suspected, gas was non existent in the system. One of the joints was a smidgeon loose allowing a tiny leak. No gas = no cold. Fridge man had gas. This was good news.

Our other gremlin, water in one of the fuel tanks has hopefully been sorted with the poor man’s / Blue Peter* version of fuel polishing. A stick, a pump, some tube and empty containers. Just needed some sticky back plastic. Plus a Good Samaritan called Ross who came to lend a hand. I went for a little paddle board while the pumping took place. He volunteered!

(* you’d need to be a child watching tv in the ‘70’s in the UK to happily recall Blue Peter)

Our last afternoon / evening on Long Island provided us with a weeny teeny bit of vicarious fame. The story starts years ago. Many years ago. Dave and I planned to bugger off and do some sailing, Miv was going to build a house, Linn wanted to make a film. All parties here were asked on many occasions, when are you going, when’s it happening, have you finished …blah blah, yada yada. These things take time.

Well Miv lives in his house, Dave and I will have been floatin’ for 4 years this June and Linn won a BATFA for being one of two producers for their film Bait. The WiFi at the beach bar provided the means as we followed the award ceremony online. Our immediate social circle celebrated as the winners were announced. As mentioned already, we happily accepted the fame vicariously. Bloody well done. The film, shot in black and white, tells the tale of a changing Cornish fishing community. I believe its doing the rounds in cinemas large and small. Go see it. It won a shiny gong for our buddy Linn.

Back from celluloid to sails, we plan to leave Friday from The Bahamas to head towards Jamaica and Panama. Weather will dictate how far we go in one hit. It’s now time to go and find WiFi to download more podcasts for the passage.












4 thoughts on “Gongs

  1. Waller Julian says:

    As you know, I run a small company making Laurel Rests. Would you be able to quote for machining covers.
    Yours in anticipation and chilled to perfection
    J X


  2. Jane Frazee says:

    Hey guys… great to hear your stories. We loved that bar on Long Island.. Had many a good sundowner there. Skiing has been a bit of a yo yo this year with freezing levels but Ritchie has 43 days and I’m honing in on 30 so we’ve been suffering through it..
    Safe sailing.. About time to hop over to the other side. Hopefully you’ll meander up to the north Pacific and come for a visit.
    J & R


    • grace of longstone says:

      Glad you’re pushing on in adversity. 😀Our friends in chamonix skibreezy.com seem to be having a pretty good season.

      So Friday we get to transit. Just 36 miles till we can officially say we’re in the Pacific. Let’s hope we don’t have too many distractions so we get to NZ by November.

      We will be visiting one day. Be patient. ❄️⛄️⛷🎿


  3. skibreezy says:

    If my memory serves me well (which it oft does not), it was “double sided sticky tape” which gained Blue Peter it’s huge following. “Of course, we used… but at home…”
    Hurrah for the gongs!!!


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