Shark Attack

Well that got your attention. Happy to report no people were involved but an inflatable kayak owned by our buddies Bill and Kate was munched. Boaty folk get ashore in Taiohae Bay by heading inside a small breakwater to a couple of ladders where dinghies can be tied off. Coincidentally, this  is also the place where the fishermen clean their catch after returning in their small boats. 

There’s always an instant frenzy as fish guts and detritus are thrown into the water. The sharkies seem to know exactly when the fishermen are back around, waiting just like yowling cats for food. 

The aforementioned inflatable kayak is not quite as robust as our aluminium bottomed rib. A bit of an involuntary munch and poof. Kayak not so inflated anymore. Bill has been high for three days from glue fumes trying facilitate a mend. I suggested to Kate that Bill try it first before she gets into it.

It’s been a bit Windy Miller for the past few days so we hightailed it all of 6 miles round to Daniel’s Bay for a bit more protection. The main bay in Nuku Hiva gives access to essential services such as check in and ice cream shops, but the wind and swell wrap round the headland and deliver a free unwanted rock and roll ride. Time to move when the wind picks up. 

I don’t think Daniel is alive anymore, but by gum, he lived in an extraordinary place. The entrance looks a little foreboding as the anchorage is off to the right and not visible immediately. But once round the corner, you’re sat surrounded by high hills, flat water with a sandy beach at the head of the bay. We both simultaneously went wow. 

We’re here with our little Panama / Contadora gang. 5 boats. 7 people. 2 couples. 3 single handers. Dave and I walked up to a 350m waterfall about a couple of hours from the sweetest village you’ll ever come across. Maybe 8 houses, all cared for with fruit trees and vegetables growing.  No road access, just a couple of grassy paths and a french phone box. It felt a bit Local Hero like. (Watch the film…..for the phone box).

Once close to the waterfall, you enter a three sided canyon. The cliffs tower upward and you can’t actually see the true height of the waterfall. Just the last few feet. But it is visible on the walk in so the true scale is not lost. Quite a place. It rained the day we walked up so there was a full flow experience. 

We had lunch at one of the properties yesterday. Wild marinated goat done on the BBQ with bread fruit chips, mango and papaya salad and fresh avocado. Followed by coffee and banana ice cream. Everything from the local vicinity. Washed down with a choice of either lime or pamplemousse juice. Top nosh. Lovely lunch. Although not totally idyllic as a fair number of house flies joined the party too when the food came out. 

We’ve been ticking off a few jobs left over from the crossing. We took the headsail down and today we mended the sacrificial strip thanks to sewing machine mechanics. The batteries have been rewatered. The deck has had a scrub. The fresh water hand pump has had a makeover. 

We’ve had no internet for a few days so tomorrow or the next day when the wind and sea have abated, we’ll head back towards the main bay when I’ll be able to upload this. 

Being away from COVID noise and the ongoing chat as to whether NZ will open their borders has been great. But we can’t hide forever. 

One thought on “Shark Attack

  1. Lillian says:

    Thanks for the update! It looks beautiful. were allowed to go no where. Banned from EU, Canada , and Bahamas. Waiting on a test for Josie, its been 15 days now. Unbelievable how bad the US is responding to this. We are well though. Keep sending us vicarious dream pics!
    All our best!
    Lillian and George


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