10 years and counting

Ten years ago today, Dave and I got married. Some of you may recall the party in a tent on the school field in Bonsall. The official day itself was the previous week up in Northumberland. The guest list was just immediate family……parents, brothers and sisters and their kids. 24 in total. 

At that point back in history, we were already talking about the bones of this trip and how we could make it happen. There’s a sheet of wall paper In a drawer with a scribbled Mind map on it as to how we could make the plan work.

it look a while, (well years!) but we got there.

Off to Oa Pou today. A short 25 mile sail followed by a little celebration.

5 thoughts on “10 years and counting

  1. Julian says:

    Fantastic. It’s a bit early to raise a glass, but this evening when the cheese straws come out.
    I have managed to find some wallpaper. Will Anaglypta do? Or does that equate to a less than smooth passage.


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