Home time!

Grace from above

Air France have taken our money. We have booked to come home for 3 months! We’re super excited at the prospect of getting to see everyone again. 

We’ll arrive in the UK on 2nd August, coming from Tahiti to LA to Paris to Manchester. There’s a raft of logistics to sort before we can get on the plane. Leaving Grace needs throughly sorting plus we have to ensure we’re COVID compliant. And then there’s the quarantining element and UK testing procedures.

Dave has already asked me if I’ll be putting a spreadsheet / planner together for the time we’re back. Duh! Of course. How else can we fit in seeing people!? Secretly I think he likes being organised. And organised he will be….. in a nice way of course.

Of late, the winds have been more settled at 14 to 18 knots so Dave has been doing lots of practice at kite surfing. He’s getting really long runs in now, can get up and going easily, his kite control has improved massively and occasionally he’s getting upwind, which is the ultimate goal. To be able to get back to the place you start from. I’m still providing dinghy support every time he goes out or he’d be off permanently into the downwind dim and distant future. 

We had a few days on an atoll called Toau. You may remember a blog from about 10 months ago about an 87 year old man we met on an atoll called Takaroa. Well, we met one his sons! Small world. We were invited to head out spear fishing and to stay for dinner the follow day but we knew the winds were due to pick up and wanted to sail back to Fakarava. So we declined this time but plan to visit again.

I’ve been walking most day’s around the moto at Harifa, the kite surfing location on Fakarava. I head out along the ocean side then complete a loop back on the inside of the lagoon. Ollie and Maroc, two of the dogs who live there often tag along. Ollie showed off impressive hunting skills catching small fish and two land crabs. 

Maroc is a bigger dog and he stole the first crab from Ollie. He headed off with his booty and licked the meat from the body then crunched the legs. I’m happy Ollie caught another so doesn’t go hungry. It’s not fair doing all the work then having your breakfast stolen.

And the other thing I like about Ollie. The name might suggest a dog but she’s actually a bitch. 😀

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