Off to Tahiti today

Apologies. I’ve run out of time to post something longer but here’s a few piccies to whet your appetite. Do you whet anything else?

Anyway. It’s been constantly windy the seas have been big (4m) for the last few days. Not enticing conditions even downwind. So we’ve been here in Toau for about a week. But it’s been fun. I have new cousins! There’s a family living here who also share the Parker name. My maiden name so we’ve been welcomed gloriously by Valantine and Gaston. And her per frigate bird?!

But Tahiti calls. It’s 230 isn miles. See you on the either side in a couple of day’s.

And finally….. and most importantly, my awesome friend Mr Shed Radio himself, Mr Roberto Knowles, aka video Rob has turned MY LIST of tunes into a radio broadcast akin to desert island discs but much better.

I’m having a momentary lapse of self promotion here. Don’t worry. It won’t last long.

Check out and look for H’s playlist. It’s episode 9. And do it before England play football again in the semi finals. Then listen to episodes 1-8.

This frequency is now clear.

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