Hurtful tunes

There ought to be a law as to how many times Boney M’s “Hooray, hooray it’s a holi holiday” is allowed to be played in a public place. I was thinking maybe once every five years was about the right frequency. Any more than that, the person in charge of the audio in a public environment would be liable for prosecution. 

The punishment will be to be locked up for five years where the only music available is Boney M’s “Hooray, hooray it’s a holi holiday.” Didn’t someone once say the punishment should fit the crime.

I mention this as there’s a bar near to us which continually plays ….yes, no need to write anything else here.  You get it. 

Our varnishing project progresses. After endless days of scraping and sanding, we’ve reached the varnishing stage on the bulwarks and side planks on the boat. I think the super yacht agent who sells varnish took pity on us and gave us a discount when we topped up on supplies. But it’s starting to look good. 

So good in fact that two random smartly dressed french women wandered down the pontoon today to ask if they could do some filming on the boat. One was a famous singer apparently, according to the other woman. She could have been as famous as Charles Azanavour or Edith Piaf or someone from Boney M.  We shall never know as no one was getting on the boat as the latest coat of varnish was only two hours old and random fingers and feet were banned. 

They nodded wisely, turned their backs and walked away. Grace’s potential moment in the spotlight had disappeared into thin air before it had time to materialise. 

In other news, I epoxied the ceramic teapot lid back together, we have a new loo seat, (one of our purchases in the UK) and the Christmas tree in the park now has reindeer too. Seems like a bit on an anathema in 30 degrees of heat but check out the photos. They are cute.

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