Off to sea

Early Christmas wishes my friends. We’re off to sea back to the Tuamotos later today so all a bit rushy. Not sure we’ll have any comms so make it a good one and say boo to covid.

Varnishing finished for now.

We had a quick two day haul to scrub the hull and waterline, service the prop and a couple of other jobs including removing a nest from under the radar. Dave spotted it one morning. Sorry birdies.

Grace, Dave and H are ready to get going. We all look sparkly.

4 thoughts on “Off to sea

  1. skibreezy says:

    Now then you two,
    Not sure about the dame wiping sweat off her brow. Did she clean the hull with you? Must have been hard work, she looks tired out. Still, if she earnt some dosh she should be able to afford some clothes and bin those rags. Although her getup is rather festive in red and white.
    Have a great Christmas
    Breezy and Al


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