Boat re-rigged almost.

Friday evening and all day Saturday were really productive. All the running rigging is in place, some new cleats secured to the mast for the stack pack, genoa and stay sail are in place and we now know how the water tanks are connected. That jobs only taken us…. Well it’s probably too embarrassing to admit.

The boat came with a storm sail that we’ve never hoisted before. It’s a funky orange colour which I liked. My understanding is we’ll only be flying this is grim conditions so hopefully it won’t see the  light of days for a long time.

Dave spent about an hour up the mast sorting out some electrics and putting some pulleys in place for spinnaker lines. I had a little foray up the mast too to realign some of the lines that weren’t quite right.

Just need to keep reminding ourselves that we will be on our way – so I’ve attached a couple of photos to remind myself of life at sea on previous trips.

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