Here’s something to ponder..



Reason for not going last year.

Does a job’s list ever get any shorter?  I don’t have a reputation for being a philosophical thinker although this is a question that runs through my mind every night when I get into bed. We have a ‘boat book’. Anything associated with the boat goes in that book. From the simplest things to the most technically challenging. The list or rather the number of pages with lists on in that book seem to increase rather than decrease.

Dave is at this moment working with our good buddy Nick on installing the new generator. I  have learnt in my few years maintaining boats (well mostly supporting the maintenance of boats) there is no such thing as an easy fix, a quick job, a plug and play option. The new generator has a different size foot template to the old one. This means the physical space isn’t big enough. So either part of a bulk head needs to come out or the companion way steps need to move, or both. It weighs 100 kilos so moving it around requires a block and pulley system. See what I mean about the typical non straightforward nature of jobs on our list.

However, I have faith in those boys and I’m sure they’ll have worked through a robust plan before drilling any holes and earning a couple of beers in the pub tonight. I meanwhile am listing random items from our store on eBay. Anybody need 48 pairs of gloves? Thought not. But someone will!

We had planned to head off last year and the attached photo is the best excuse I could come up with to delay us for 12 months. A year ago around this time I was having my ‘chippy chop hip op’. Boat, house and business prep are better options when it comes to filling ones time.

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