Small World

My first night back was not quite as chilled and relaxing as I’d planned. We’d had a lazy afternoon and evening, the weather being hot and sultry so a squall was not unexpected.

We were down below avoiding the pinging rain when there was a thud. Or a thump, not sure which. We both scrambled out onto the deck and the noise was a boat that had dragged it’s anchor, coming into contact with our bow sprit. No one was onboard and while Dave tried to push the boat away, I tied fenders quickly down the guard rails to protect Grace.

Two other eagled eyed sailor folks had jumped in their tenders, one rowing another motoring to get across to us and help. Thankfully we suffered no damage and the naughty boat was re-anchored with the help of our fellow sailing superstars.

By this time we were all soaked to the skin and keen to talk to the boat’s owner to explain what had happened. So a round of gin and tonics later, a guy turned up out of the darkness, no doubt perplexed as his boat wasn’t in the same place as he’d left it. Thankfully, he moved behind everyone so should the same happen again, he’d not be our problem. Relief all round.

Today, our rowing saviour came over for a chat. A Frenchman from Brittany. We chinwagged about our love of the Brittany coast and the Spanish Rias. Then he mentioned he’d spent time on his boat down in the Falklands. Turns out he spent time down there with our good friends, the Kiwi’s, Phil and Linda. Small world.

Day two back was much more relaxed. We got our new inflatable paddle boards out of their wrappers and went for a mini expedition around Smiths Island which sits in St Georges Bay, Bermuda. We bumped into a chap, not literally, we had more control than that, who runs a market garden business but used to own a Hans Christian 43. In fact he’d sailed it to Australia. Commonalities lead to story swapping and we hope a food parcel will arrive for us with lots of fresh veggies in the next few days! We are a bit short of fresh goodies.

What else? We went for a swim before breakfast today and a chap snorkelling nearby got stung by a Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. His skin rose in welts like whip lines and his face scrunched in pain. Make a note to avoid these beasties. They are pain inflicting blighters.

And our new gas bbq works a treat. It was gift from the Kenny and Nancy who run the boatyard in North Carolina. Pork loin in teriyaki sauce for dinner. Pity it’s not self cleaning. That’s an ask too far.






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