Early Early

A start early, finish early party. I get it. Sounds great. I’m now in category four when you have to tick a box as to how old you are. You know the data collecting drudgery, I mean when it’s better for your soul to lie and forget the ageing truth. Also I bloody well hate all those data collecting companies so I’d rather lie and bugger up their statistics. There’s no benefit to me. Why should I tell the truth? Similarly, if I’ve just bought a lawn mower, don’t target me with advertisements for lawn mowers. I’ve just bought one you lowly imbeciles who design web marketing.

Anyway, back to the story, this is turning into Ronnie Corbett like ramblings.

Starting early makes infinite sense to me so bedtime remains the same. Ha. A start early party in Bermuda starts EARLY.

We were anchored just off a small island in Hamilton harbour and at 5am, boom boom, my slumber is rudely awakened. An early start to the day can be invigorating, joyful, a recognition that by waking up early you can cram more good stuff into your day, be that drinking tea quietly for the first two hours or for example, analysing the mad recent North Korea / America love in.

This wake up was ratty, unnecessary, sour and furthermore the music was crap. I know Bermuda isn’t strictly in the Caribbean. It’s a North Atlantic Island. But it feels closer to the Caribbean than Slough. Classic reggae music would sit okay with me. The temperature makes it sweaty so moving slowly in a languid fashion to the beat makes sense. But hip hop inspired reggae should be hung drawn and quartered. Perhaps web marketeers and hip hop reggae writers could buddy up and self implode somewhere. Ideally quietly and without a fuss please.

So the tunes were done by lunchtime. 5am to 12 noon. That’s a start early, finish early party. We went to the library and worked. The library is tip top in my opinion. A whole room had been set aside for World Cup football watching. A darkened room, an eight foot screen, air conditioning. Well done Bermuda. You get libraries. I now know where I’ll be watching England when they play their first match.

Sailing wise, we had a gentle four hour sail round from St Georges to Hamilton. As it’s the weekend we’ve come to spend the time among a group of islands just a couple of miles from Hamilton but its much quieter and a good low key weekend destination for swimming and paddle boarding.

Plan is to start to weather watch before we make a run North, about 750 Miles towards Halifax Nova Scotia.

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